Danny Dambiski

Today I was watching a news clip of republican presidential candidate, he who’s name I will not say, thinking he reminded me of someone from my childhood, Danny Dambiski.

Danny Dambiski was this horrible kid in my grade one class. He had to be a good twenty pounds heavier and four inches taller than all the other children, and he was a total bully. He was forever pushing other kids around, mocking Mrs Millard the sixty plus schoolmarm, and doing whatever it took to get the smallest crumb of attention. 

 At Show-and-Tell one day Danny stood up in front of the class with a crisp new copy of Mr Whiskers, the current class reader, saying it was a present he’d received from his parents. Mrs Millard totally called him out yanking the book from his hands and holding it up so everyone could see the Board of Education stamp on the inside cover, lamely scribbled over with Danny’s handwritten name right beside it. She then dragged Danny by the ear out of eyesight into the cloakroom where she proceeded to give him a strap. The class sat still listening to the repeated smacks coming from the cloakroom. After an uncomfortable silence smug Danny Dambiski sauntered back into the classroom grinning ear to ear followed by an exhausted and dishevelled Mrs Millard.

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