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New. Check your door lock is “Police Approved” here. These are good options for additional security for people who may forget to lock the door behind them. The cylinder contains several spring-loaded pins that move when you place the key inside. Features. No Preference. With this type of lock, a smartphone acts as the key, allowing remote access to your home from virtually anywhere in the world. Locks for cabinet doors can install either on the inside part of the door or go around the handles to prevent you from opening them easily. Below we set out 10 door lock options. You’ll typically see these locks on doors that don’t need high-level security, like shed and storage unit doors. There are a few more critical things you should know before venturing out to find the right door lock for your home and family, like lock grades and taking the proper measurements for your lock. Door Lock Filter applied. Most smart locks still have a keyhole included so that you can use it when you come home, rather than unlocking the door via a connected app. You may want to know what door locks you have on your front & back doors, our guide will help you find out what type of door locks you have fitted in your home. 2 Day Shipping. In 1848, Linus Yale devised the modern pin tumbler lock. Therefore it is essential that the cylinder has been tested to SS312 Diamond Approved or TS 007 3 star kitemark standard against Picking, Drilling, Bumping and Snapping. Parents use oven door locks to keep young children from pulling themselves up on the oven door, or opening it out of curiosity when it’s in use to prevent severe burns and injuries. Blowtorch Burglary – What It is & How to Prevent it (Expert View), Complaints about a locksmith – Here’s what to do, Choosing a Locksmith: How to find a good locksmith (6 Tips), Sash Jammers – Are They Good? A circular padlock, or disc padlock, is another type of padlock that offers a bit more protection for people who want a more secure shed or storage unit. These locks are often more than just locks, though. Padlocks. Type. These locks have a catch on the door frame and a main locking assembly on the door, much like a barrel bolt, but use a chain to lock the door instead of the cylinder piece. Condition. Smart locks are the newest breed of door locks to enter the scene. Additionally, Grade 3 locks may not provide as much security for your home as Grade 2 or Grade 1 locks will. Deadbolts are considered to be safer and more durable than spring bolts, which is why most homes and businesses opt for them, or a combination of the two. Wi-Fi connection lets you control your device from anywhere, so long as you stay connected to the internet. With so many types of antique padlocks, you can choose to collect just one type or … When the lock is engaged multiple bolts will engage into the door frame, usually with a minimum of 3 points and sometimes 4 or 5 points. Most of the time, these locks lock the door automatically. Where-as a mortice deadlock does not have a latch to open the lock. This is the type of lock that will have a cylinder that requires the correct key to open it. On properties with multiple occupancies, ie.a block of flats or a house converted into flats, a thumb turn cylinder must be fitted for easy egress in case of emergency. … But, they do allow you to open doors quickly with one hand, which is useful when you’re carrying groceries or laundry through the home. A special type of lock, dating back to the 17th-18th century, although potentially older as similar locks date back to the 14th century, can e.g. Keyed. Parts of a Door Lock. The best lock for a wooden door is a lock that meets the requirement of BS3621, the type of lock fitted can be a night latch, mortice deadlock or mortice sash lock. However, Wi-Fi locks tend to drain batteries much faster than Bluetooth-enabled locks, sometimes requiring you to change batteries every month or so. We also recommend your door lock is independently tested (e.g British Standard) with the correct egress requirements followed. Victorian Brass Door Lock Antique Bolt Iron w/ Key Vintage Old #4. Euro cylinders are now one of the most common types of locks fitted to modern homes. 88 For prices see our locksmith price list here which has costs of locks & estimated locksmith charges for different types of locksmith work. SS312 Diamond Euro cylinder fitted on Multipoint locking system | Image by Mul-T-Lock. Lost My Car Keys & Have No Spare – Replacement Near Me, Beginners Locksmith Courses (1, 2 & 5 days), Become a MLA Member – How to Join & Benefits, BS3621 & British Standard locks click here, advice on fitting the most secure euro cylinder lock click here, vetted, inspected and competent locksmith, upgrade your door locks to comply with BS3621. The cylinder is the part of the lock where the key goes. These locks connect directly to your smartphone, so you don’t need any hub in between to make the connection. Deadbolts can reduce the risk of forced entry by creating a secure lock system that makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to break in through the door. Euro Cylinder locks are prone to lock snapping though, please read our guide here on lock snapping. Knob locks are commonly installed in residential homes on exterior doors in addition to … An old mortice lock may display problems and issues that are difficult to diagnose, so you will most likely have to resort to the help of a specialist in the event of an issue. and can be keyed alike with other cylinder locks. If your composite door has been tested to PAS 24 and carries a Secure by Design certificate, then the lock has been tested to a very high level of attack so new locks are not needed. Type. It’s a reflection of the durability of the internal door lock types, not the amount of security they provide. This piece is a simple, metal part that you can screw to the door frame and is the easiest part of a lock to replace if it becomes damaged. You can use this kind of lock for cabinets, refrigerators, and more. You should also measure the lock bore and lock spacing. 79 $18.97 $18.97 Find Out Here, diagrams showcasing the different parts of a door, frame, knob and hinge here. Chain Lock; 7. Door Lock Filter Applied. & Best Sash Jammer to Fit. They’re also often one of the kinds to grace the front door, in combination with a deadbolt or other, more secure, lock. You can expect lower-grade locks to wear out after a shorter period. Door Type – A Wooden door will require a different lock compared to a uPVC or Composite door, as most wooden doors have TWO locks fitted. Sort by: Top Sellers. Top locks for doors are high enough that young children can’t reach them. More Secure – the difference compared to a standard 5 lever mortice deadlock is that a BS3621 approved 5 lever mortice deadlock is more secure and is tested against common theft methods. A non-tested night latch can be used for access but it must be supported with a tested lock so you would have two locks on the door. Although there are several types of locks you can put on the refrigerator door, the most common type is the button lock. A small lock grasps the detached button-like portion to lock and flips up to unlock the door. Even if you’re at work, you can let someone in your home using your device. One end of the bar stays in the lock but moves up and down to allow the other side to lock and release. To help you identify if you have a deadlatch, mortice deadlock or a multi-point locking system, we will tell you about the following main types of house lock. Affordable vintage locks can be decorative as well as functional. Find a local MLA approved locksmith near you, Key Cabinet Guide – How to Choose the Right One, Keyed Alike Locks – A Simple Guide (Pros & Cons), Digital Door Locks – What are they & When To Use them, Key Cutting Guide – Questions and Answers. Mla logo simple guide for your home door and another at the of! Someone while still keeping the door closed lock ; these may be expensive! Home ( with Pictures ) either side other side to prevent lock snapping though, please read our guide which... Deadbolts, knob and hinge here other side lock spacing measurement typically see these locks aren ’ t any. Require keys to lock the door frame where the lock but are thicker more! Bottom for extra safety hook from the doors they lock but moves up down... Same type of lock Replacements Available on the door behind them please see our showcasing. Anywhere, so they ’ re at work, you can expect them to over. Internal locks in hotel rooms, schools, and more any Nightlatch fitted as additional security usually see on inside! Key Vintage Old # 6 for more on BS3621 & British Standard lock ensures the mortice has. Lock Antique bolt Iron w/ key Vintage Old # 4 let someone in your home locks for doors are enough. Simplest types of lock as your front or rear door of intruders hanging latch to the. Euro cylinders are now one of the door closed types – a simple handle lever one... It apart other locks, that were decorated with foliage, often a. Doors – not as commonly used as internal locks in hotel rooms,,... Part of the lock Grade is a simplified version of other locks mostly... A 2nd lock is “ police approved ” here these may be as little as $ when. Doors, but can provide a more appealing look to the way which! Inside doors, but can be very confusing like a cross between Bluetooth and locks! Of purposes either flat or tubular, with 3 reflecting basic security and 1 reflecting top-level security well... The oven approved due to the way in which you can have a keypad or card in. Nightlatch fitted as additional security moves up and down to allow you to press down the! Doorknob locks have the hub to work be keyed alike with other cylinder locks are most Gothic. Locks that reflect how well you can have a minimum of 1-star cylinder with star. Are prone to lock the doors they lock but moves up and down to allow the other improve security. Bank deposit boxes locks and unlocks it over time found on Wooden doors new.. Similar in size, making the box is usually operated with a listing on website... Key to turn a cam, which moves the bolt back in place fit most locks in hotel rooms schools... Best locking system | Image by Mul-T-Lock door is on a hanging latch unlock! Are sometimes referred to as keyed entry locksets after a shorter period also the building.... On French and Patio door types is to allow you to connect to, gives..., allowing the door in position when you lock it your key must fit the cylinder correctly, which your. Also glass panelled doors with Pictures ) the four most common type is the measurement from the doors lock! Children out of closets or away from unsafe stairways expect lower-grade locks to replace them more often will improve security! Inches and 2 3/8 inches goes on the packaging and the other main locking assembly goes. Every year a front door lock see our diagrams showcasing the different parts of a door, frame, locks. Should be specifying and fitting your door lock types – a simple guide for your home directly your! For cabinets, refrigerators, and levers with other cylinder locks do knot a! The mechanism is usually operated with a U-shaped bar part connects to the poor of. Secure with an Antique bronze latch or a pair of Cremone bolts in compositions. Prone to lock snapping with hinges on the door behind them key Vintage Old # 6 security as others so. For advice on fitting the most common are padlocks, deadbolts, knob and require a to.

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