Short stories

Danny Dambiski
Today I was watching a news clip of republican presidential candidate, he who’s name I will not say, thinking he reminded me of someone from my [...]
Lunch Surprise
I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario the youngest of six to a Dutch immigrant couple. For grades seven and eight my mother  pulled me out of [...]
Toronto Gay Pride 1981
I attended one of the first Gay Pride celebrations in Toronto. The ‘parade’ was held on the running track at U of T campus in downtown Toronto. People [...]
In a Nutshell
My life has been a total gay adventure: working in theatre, dance, film/tv, IT, and food & beverage. I spent 16 years based out of Toronto, then [...]
Tied to the Cloths Line
From first days of walking until after my third birthday, Mum would strap me into a tight harness, at the end of a long rope, attached to the even longer [...]
My earliest memory is between one and two years old, after playing in the backyard, standing filthy at the porch kitchen door. Mum heaves me up and through [...]
Adventures in Potty Training
I wrote this story over 12 years ago and submitted to CBC’s Vinyl Cafe. Stuart McLean read it on one of his tours and it was subsequently broadcast. [...]