Life Is A Dance


Photographer: Karolina Turek

Dance came into my life around the age of fourteen.

There was a dance audition for Oklahoma at my high school. I was the only guy that showed up. I got the dance lead – Dream Curly. After that closed, the choreographer invited me to her ballet class. Then the owner of the dance school invited me into her jazz class. This was all pre Fame and boys were scarce…

At 17 I was studying dance at a post secondary level, then started getting contracts in musical theatre.

In my late 20’s I ventured into modern dance, and after Butoh. Eventually I connected with creative partner, Thomas Anfield, and we formed our own company, BUTOH-a-GO-GO.

My artistic journey kept me living on the edge of poverty, but has filled my life with a wealth of adventures*, as well as many special and inspiring relationships**.

* – I have performed in far-off, exotic lands: Japan for 6 months; Poland; Moscow (3 times!), as well as numerous places in North America.

** – I have had the pleasure to work with huge amount of extremely talented and amazing people, some of whom remain in my life to this day.

Kevin Bergsma Resume – Principals

Photographer: Nicole Dextras


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